Sunday Class

A lot has been happening in the Catholic Church over the past seventy-five years regarding faith formation. Regarding faith formation in the Catholic Church, a great deal has been emerging, slowly, but intentionally over the past six or seven decades, the Catholic Church has been studying, discussing, praying about, and experimenting with catechesis. Leaders at every level have been reflecting on and creating new models for how we organize ourselves to pass on the faith from one generation to the next.

Along with the universal Catholic Church, having the great sense of the seriousness to be given to the catechism, our church, with the guidance Rev. Fathers and catechism staff, plan out lively activities for the students so that they may know deeper about Jesus and wider about the Catholic Church. The catechism program has been planned out in such a way that the image of Jesus is carefully carved in the young and fresh hearts of our catechism students. In our church, we have exclusive English Holy Mass for catechism students, where each and every student are given opportunity to praise and adore our Lord Jesus.


Rev. Fr. Thomas Kavungal


Rev. Fr. George Madathikandathil

Assistant Director

Office Bearers

Sr. Terese John FCC

Head Mistress

Dr. Shygil Joy

Assistant Headmaster

Ms. Ajimol Antony


Mr. P K Varghese



Ms. Merlin Jacob

Class XII - A

Ms. Ajimol Antony

Class XII - B

Mr. P J Raphael

Class XI - A

Ms. Maria Celine

Class XI - B

Mr. Robin Johny K

Class X - A

Ms. Ajimol Antony

Class X - B

Ms. Raji David

Class IX - A

Ms. Anuja Vincent

Class IX - B

Ms. Anuja Vincent

Class IX - B

Ms. Anuja Vincent

Class IX - B

Mr. Poulose C I

Class VIII - B

Mr. John Paul T J

Class VII

Ms. Nancy Shaju

Class VI - A

Mr. Martin Vellanikaran

Class VI - B

Ms. Deepa Biju

Class V

Ms. Reema John I

Class IV - A

Ms. Riya Ruth Saji

Class IV - B

Ms. Lathika James

Class III

Sr. Leenus

Class II - A

Sr. Pavithra

Class II - B

Ms. Arya Sebastian

Class I

Ms. Reeja E J


Ms. Aneesha P J


Mr. Varghese P K


Ms. Deepa Anand


Ms. Suncy Shaju



Ms. Jincy Gomez

Office Staff

Ms. Roshmi O J

Office Staff

Ms. Riya Roy

Office Staff